Renacci Calls Vax-to-School Sickening and a Waste of Taxpayer’s Money


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Wadsworth, OH - Jim Renacci, Republican Candidate for governor, opposes Vax-to-School and calls for Mike DeWine to stop using taxpayer money to fund wasteful vaccine lotteries. The deadline for DeWine’s latest trick against Ohioans passed last night. “Vax-to-School is a sick way to trick Ohioans into getting the vaccine."

"Vaccines for children or adults should not be a lottery gimmick. They do not work and are a waste of taxpayer dollars. The decision to get a vaccination should be between the individual, their parent, and their healthcare provider. Let’s stop these dirty DeWine gimmicks and get back to allowing people to follow the advice of a healthcare professional, not a carnival barker like DeWine."

"The latest research proves that vaccine lotteries just don’t work - no matter how many millions in taxpayer dollars you waste. People want the freedom to make their own decisions about their health, more than the gimmicks that DeWine and his fellow big-spending governors like Gavin Newsom are pushing."

"DeWine’s Vax-to-School takes a failed gimmick to a sickening level.  Dangling lottery money to make parents vaccinate their children is just sick, and a blatant waste of taxpayer money. Ohio’s children and parents deserve better.  No one should be forced or coerced by the government to get a vaccine for themselves or their children."

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Former Congressman Jim Renacci is a proven business leader with the skills we need to turn Ohio around. He came here with just $200 and grew that into numerous businesses that employed tens of thousands of Ohioans. Renacci is running for Governor of Ohio to restore fiscal sanity, end the culture of corruption in Columbus, and fight for the rights of hardworking Ohioans.