Renacci Defends Ohio National Guard’s Medical Freedom From DeWine Criticism: ‘Threw Them Under The Bus’


After calling up Ohio's National Guard to help manage the state's hospitals and testing sites, DeWine says he is "not happy" and frustrated with many of Ohio's National Guard members' personal health decisions about the vaccine.

Jim Renacci issued the following statement in response:

"Mike DeWine has been a career politician for over 40 years. If there's anyone whose decision-making about their own personal health he should respect, it should be Ohio's National Guard members. Instead, he unnecessarily threw them under the bus to the press as part of his Fauci-inspired vaccine campaign after calling them up to serve around Christmas time. As Governor, I will respect every single Ohioans' right to medical freedom, especially those who are answering the call to serve. I will never use my position to shame you for your personal health decisions. To Ohio's National Guard, I say: thank you for your service and thank you for your help!"