Renacci Launches New TV Ad While DeWine Runs Around With Bags of Taxpayer Money


Career Politician DeWine is trying to buy his way into a second term. It's not going to work.

Mike DeWine is frantically running around five days before the election with bags of taxpayer money hoping to buy his way into a second term by distracting conservative Ohioans from his three years of failures - just what you'd expect from a career politician. 
It's not going to work. The Renacci campaign's newest ad makes clear what's at stake: No amount of money can make up for DeWine's mask mandates, job-killing lockdowns, broken tax code, opposition to the Trump movement, and RINO weakness on critical race theory and protecting women's sports. 
Nor can any amount of taxpayer money stop the FirstEnergy noose from tightening around Mike DeWine's neck (watch our latest video slamming DeWine for his corrupt appointment of Sam Randazzo).
Jim Renacci released the following statement:
“Rather than actually doing his job during the three and half years he’s been in office, Mike DeWine took a sledge hammer to our state’s economy with lockdowns, mandates and a broken tax structure. Now he’s frantically running around the state handing out piles of taxpayer money hoping he can buy his way to another term.  What we need and what I have is a full four-year plan for our entire state, not a five-day taxpayer spending spree from DeWine to salvage his career in politics. DeWine is panicking in the final days and showing Ohio conservatives who he really is - vote for REAL conservative leadership on May 3rd!"