Renacci Offers Five Different Debate Scenarios to DeWine and Blystone, Both Refuse, Why?


Wadsworth, OH- Conservative Republican Jim Renacci wants a gubernatorial debate but he’s getting no takers from his opponents. DeWine says it would be “unproductive,” and that his voters know where he stands. The reality is that he doesn't want to explain his bad decisions to his voters, or face Renacci on issues like mandates, anti-abortion legislation, and how DeWine hurt Ohioans and Ohio businesses over the pandemic.

Blystone is tangled up in legal problems like campaign finance violations, and being sued by his own campaign people, add to that, this  comical grumpy old man scuffle between Blystone and DeWine. Even if he would debate, he brings a circus atmosphere that drowns out intelligent conversation.

Renacci says “Ohioans need to see an honest debate among grown-ups before they vote. Call it a policy discussion or whatever.  Mike DeWine needs to answer important policy questions, and Blystone needs to prove that he isn’t a sideshow to weaken the anti-DeWine vote.  We just need a moderator. We don’t need a live audience, we don’t even need to be on TV.  We could use radio, Livestream, or meet at a church.  A gubernatorial race needs a gubernatorial debate, and a gubernatorial debate needs a governor, not a coward who’s hiding from the voters who put him in office.