Renacci Responds to DeWine’s Renewed Call For Liberal Gun Control


"DeWine made the list as one of the top ten most anti-gun Senators in Washington, and he's back at it as governor."

Mike DeWine, while campaigning in Euclid this week, once again called for passage of his gun control legislation. 

Unsurprising: while in the Senate, DeWine made the list as one of the top ten most anti-gun Senators in Washington, and now he's back at it as governor. When DeWine talks about gun control, what he wants is de facto mandatory background checks for private gun sellers, and red flag laws that disenfranchise law-abiding Ohioans from their Second Amendment rights. 

"Governor DeWine has a lifelong career of pursuing gun-control," said Ohio Gunowners Association Executive Director Chris Door. "Everything he just proposed won't ever stop a killer, but it will definitely empower tyrannical government. Ohio Gun Owners say hell no. It's time to make Gun rights great again in Ohio, and reject DeWine's return to his gun-control roots."

Jim Renacci issued the following statement in response:

"DeWine was one of the most anti-Second Amendment Senators when he was in Washington and he's continuing that record as governor. Yet again, DeWine is choosing to govern Ohio like a blue state liberal. Republicans in the legislature were smart to stop his Leftist-inspired gun control legislation, but the only way to ensure DeWine doesn't come after our Second Amendment freedoms again is to defeat him. As Governor I will never push or sign any bill that violates Ohioans' gun rights and will 100% support the Second Amendment."