Renacci Says Avon Lake Schools Are Violating Parent’s Rights Over Mask Mandates


Wadsworth, OH- Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci calls it a disgrace that parents have to sue the schools to make medical decisions for their children.

WKYC-TV reported that parents are raising money so they can sue Avon Lake Schools over the school district’s mask mandate in place until January 28th.

Renacci says the mandate is yet another example of Ohio’s left-wing administrators taking away the medical power of Ohioans, and he won’t be surprised if more lawsuits start popping up.

“It’s utterly insane that Mike DeWine is allowing schools to take medical power away from parents. We need to end his corrupt, leftist, authoritarian reign, and return power to Ohioans. As Governor, I will fight to protect the medical freedom of Ohioans.”- Jim Renacci