Renacci says, “Dirty DeWine and Dishonest Jon Husted Need to Come Clean About HB6 Bribery Scandal”


Contact: Eileen McShea
(440) 477-8869

Wadsworth OH- Ohio republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci released a strong statement in response to the bombshell report that Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted may have information related to the HB6 bribery scandal:

"This latest court-filing puts the largest bribery scandal in Ohio state history only ONE STEP away from Dirty DeWine himself."

"DeWine's Lt. Governor will have to tell what he knows to the court. He owes that much to the people who were fired over their involvement in the HB6 dark money bribery scheme, and believe Dishonest Jon Husted is letting them take-the-fall by holding back information for their legal case, hiding his own involvement in the scheme."

"DeWine desperately wants this scandal to go away, but Ohio taxpayers who were defrauded by this scheme need to know."

"DeWine's crooked administration needs to go and Ohioans need to know the truth."

"As Governor, I will bring transparency, honesty, and strong leadership to Ohio, and I will fight for true conservative values."


Former Congressman Jim Renacci is a proven business leader with the skills we need to turn Ohio around. He came here with just $200 and grew that into numerous businesses that employed tens of thousands of Ohioans. Renacci is running for Governor of Ohio to restore fiscal sanity, end the culture of corruption in Columbus, and fight for the rights of hardworking Ohioans.