Renacci Shames Biden For Divisive, Distracting Attack on Trump: “Ohioans See Right Through It”


Wadsworth, OH - Jim Renacci issued the following statement in response to Biden’s attacks on President Trump:

"It's a shame that Joe Biden is using this day to divide Americans, distract from his disastrously failed presidency, and take cheap shots at President Trump. The liberal media may eat it up, but Ohioans, who voted against Joe Biden and for President Trump in the biggest landslide in our state in over thirty years, see right through it. Ohioans aren't paying attention to the fake spectacle the DC Democrats are putting on TV. They would rather talk about the open border flowing with drugs and crime, uncontrollable COVID, unaffordable gas prices, and the un-American surrender in Afghanistan. Unlike the Democrats' obsession with January 6th, these are real issues hurting real Americans. President Trump is correct that everything Joe Biden touches turns to failure (just like liberal RINO Mike DeWine), and my campaign and our supporters continue to stand with him, today and every day."