Renacci: This Primary is about the Future for our Children and Grandchildren


Wadsworth, OH

Tomorrow, Ohioans get to make a choice. That choice will affect the direction of our state for the next decade. It is not about “us” anymore. It’s about what we leave to our children. 40 years ago, Ohio was a land of opportunity that people from Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentuncky came to, to live the American dream. Sadly, Ohio has lost its edge.

Career politicians have run Ohio into the bottom ten or fifteen in every category from business climate to taxes to people leaving our state. The DeWine administration has compounded that by raising our taxes, infringing on our freedoms and spending like a liberal Democrat.

There is hope for Ohio - the Renacci-Knopp ticket will ensure that hope. We will:

  • Overhaul our education system by removing CRT and Common Core. We will give parents the CHOICE of who educates their kids and state funding will follow the child to the school of their choice.

  • Never again let Left-wing government bureaucrats shut down our businesses, our schools, and our livelihoods and mask our children.

  • Defund Sanctuary Cities in Ohio to cut off the mechanism that spreads drugs into our state. Any plane of illegal immigrants that Joe Biden sends here will land, fuel up and take back off.

  • Ensure Ohio’s election integrity with mandatory voter ID and forensic audits to make sure no election is ever stolen in Ohio.

  • Enact a plan to reduce the tax burden on citizens and businesses, eliminating most taxes and getting Ohio to a consumption tax. Seniors over 65 who own their primary residence will no longer pay property taxes to enjoy their golden years in Ohio.

  • Protect the Freedoms of Ohioans. From our Second Amendment to Medical freedoms, Ohioans will no longer have to deal with a governor who wants to strip away our rights.

  • Ensure that Ohio is a safe haven for the unborn, where human life is prioritized and protected.

  • Ohio is a state we can all call home—where the next generation believes they can live, work and raise a family with endless opportunities. We will have an Ohio that serves as a destination for family vacations and business travel and where Ohioans can truly enjoy our beautiful assets, attractions and state parks.

  • Have an Ohio where anyone can achieve and live the American Dream


I ask you as you head to the polls - what type of Ohio do you want to leave to the next generation?  We see what leadership from status quo politicians like DeWine nets us. Elect the team from the business world who has a plan and vision to Make Ohio Great and has the experience and expertise to see it through.

Please vote Renacci-Knopp tomorrow for a better Ohio.

Jim Renacci