Renacci Urges LaRose To Keep Investigating 2020 Voter Fraud, Look Into 2022 Corruption


Wadsworth, OH - Republican Gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci says a forensic audit should have been done for the 2020 election, and that the initial voter fraud findings may be just the tip of the iceberg. Renacci says a forensic audit from an outside source should be part of election protocol.

He also wants Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose to look into campaign finance allegations in the current gubernatorial election.

“If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that DeWine’s administration has a price tag. The First Energy scandal is an embarrassment to our state. Ohio voters have every right to know whose money is behind a campaign, and what promises are attached to those campaign funds” Renacci said. “My campaign finances are an open book, and there are no strings attached to my campaign donations--just a promise of good, clean, conservative leadership that will make Ohio great again.”

Renacci made headlines last week for his plans to secure Ohio's elections. See the full story below.


Republican Gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci outlined his understanding of Ohio's election security and detailed his pitch to conduct audits on results as part of a story in the Washington Post.

In a release on Jan. 28, Renacci’s campaign said he has been outspoken about the need to make sure elections procedures nationwide are free from fraud and can be trusted by all voters, regardless of their party.

"What I'm asking is that at least every four years, you have somebody from the outside come in and do a forensic audit," Renacci said in the release. "My goal, really, was to sit through a minimum of two elections, see what goes on, and make sure that I totally understood how the system works so that I could better answer a question about it.”

Renacci said he learned the voting machines cannot connect to the internet and that security for data is shared by both political parties. An audit, he says, would be an additional security step.

“Understanding how the system works, understanding what the potential flaws are, and really taking a businessman’s, a CPA’s, an auditor's perspective,” Renacci said.

Renacci served on the Medina County Board of Elections in 2020 after he lost the 2018 race to Sherrod Brown. Donald Trump won the state in 2020 and Ohio's ballots were counted with a 99.9% accuracy, the Washington Post reports.

When asked by the Washington Post if Ohio's 2020 election results were valid, Renacci said, "I'll respond the same way that President Trump responded. He thought Ohio was fine. I think that Ohio, based on what I learned, appears to be OK. But do I think there were problems elsewhere? Absolutely.”

While Renacci claimed Ohio as one of the “better states,” he said the ultimate goal is for election integrity statewide.

“We, as Ohioans, need to always make sure that Ohio's results are accurate," Renacci said. "I would trust what President Trump said about Ohio, and he felt Ohio was fine."

According to a report by the Buckeye Reporter, current Gov. Mike DeWine has dismissed the idea that the outcome of the 2020 presidential election was affected by voter fraud. Renacci maintains that fraud played a significant part in the election, despite scant evidence.

Renacci is a businessman and former U.S. representative for the 16th congressional district running against DeWine, a fellow Republican, in the 2022 GOP gubernatorial primary on May 3.