Renacci Urges Other Conservatives to Join Him In Welcoming Trucker Convoy to Ohio


Wadsworth, OH- Conservative Republican Jim Renacci will be welcoming and cheering-on Ohioan Brian Brase and his fellow truck drivers who will stop in Cambridge Ohio on their way to D.C.

The approximately 8 mile long caravan is inspired by the recent trucker protests in Canada. The U.S. Convoy is calling on President Biden to end Coronavirus mandates and to restore constitutional rights.

Brase is a co-organizer of the Convoy, and a trucker himself.

Renacci says he will be there as a fellow conservative Ohioan, not as a gubernatorial candidate.

"This isn't about politics," Renacci said, "it's about freedom, unity, and the United States constitution. We as a country and a state, have allowed the very foundation of our government to erode into a system run by the self serving elites who are stomping on the most basic of our constitutional rights. I am proud to stand with Brian, and my fellow Ohioans as we rally for American freedom and our God given rights."

Renacci plans to meet the caravan tomorrow, March 4, from 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM.


64279 Wintergreen Road
Lore City, OH 43755