‘Too Much of a RINO’ : DeWine Caught Praising Biden at National Governors Meeting


"Even Republican governors of states Biden won managed to condemn Joe Biden's performance, but DeWine is too much of a RINO to do the same."

Fox News asked various governors gathered in Washington for the meeting of the National Governors Association - which Mike DeWine chairs - to grade President Biden's job performance. While other Republican governors, including from states Joe Biden won, slammed President Biden on camera for his radical war on energy, his disastrous foreign policy, or his pro-illegal immigration open borders agenda, Mike DeWine could only meekly muster a weak response praising Joe Biden for, among all things, his leadership on the pandemic. 

"We've had a good relationship in regard to the pandemic...with the Biden Administration," DeWine said. No mention of how Biden's vaccine mandate robbed Ohioans of their personal medical freedoms; no mention of how Biden's open border is flooding Ohio with crime and fentanyl; no mention of how Biden's push for school mask mandates is hurting Ohio's children's health and social development; no mention of how Biden's anti-energy agenda is causing gas prices in Ohio to skyrocket. 

All DeWine could do is praise Biden for his approach to the pandemic, which has been driven by mask and vaccine mandates that are driven by the radical Left and are not based on science. It makes sense, since Biden has already praised DeWine for his mandates and lockdowns and has copied DeWine's "grim message."

Ohio deserves a conservative governor who leads Ohio like a red state and who isn't afraid to call out President Biden. Jim Renacci issued the following statement in response to DeWine's comments:

"DeWine talks about Biden like he's the governor of a deep blue state, not a state Trump won by 10 points. Biden's response to the pandemic, which has led to more unscientific and freedom-crushing mask and vaccine mandates and school closures, is not worthy of anyone's commendation. Even Republican governors of states Biden won managed to acknowledge his failing job performance. DeWine is too much of a RINO to do the same. As governor, I will never hesitate to call out President Biden for his radical agenda. With Renacci as governor, everyone in the Biden White House will know Ohio is TRUMP COUNTRY!"