VP Harris in Ohio as DeWine Hides out in Luxury Arizona Resort


Wadsworth, OH - Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci is furious to see Biden's liberal agenda descending on Ohio, while Mike DeWine hides out at a luxury resort in Arizona.


Ohioans are paying for DeWine to soak up the sunshine and amenities at the Biltmore Waldorf Astoria, in Arizona, while they are struggling to buy a tank of gas under DeWine's gas tax act. DeWine took off as Vice President Kamala Harris and her band of liberals are moving through Ohio, celebrating their trillion-dollar infrastructure package.

Harris and Labor Secretary, Marty Walsh are praising the infrastructure boondoggle, ignoring the tens of thousands of Ohioans still reeling from their heavy-handed Coronavirus response, and facing a bleak winter of retail shortages and high energy costs.

Renacci said he and his administration would be in Ohio supporting Ohians when the liberals come to town. As Governor, I will stand up to the radical Biden administration agenda at every opportunity and fight for Ohioans and protect us from federal overreach.”

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Former Congressman Jim Renacci is a proven business leader with the skills we need to turn Ohio around. He came here with just $200 and grew that into numerous businesses that employed tens of thousands of Ohioans. Renacci is running for Governor of Ohio to restore