WATCH: Jim Renacci Responds to DeWine’s State of the State Address


"He said Ohio is strong. The problem with that is, when you look at statistics, Ohio is not strong. Ohio ranks anywhere from 35th to 50th in most categories..."

Watch Jim Renacci's response on Facebook Live to Governor Mike DeWine's State of the State address and check out some highlights below on DeWine's failures on spending, taxes, and Ohio's competitiveness.


  • "After listening to the governor, he seems to be going down a track of more spending and bigger government, something that Ohio can't afford to do. We're already one of the top ten states in the country for spending...We're already double the size of similar states when it comes to spending, yet what we heard from Governor DeWine is another plan for more spending." 

  • "He talked about cutting taxes. The problem is, WalletHub just came out with a report stating that Ohio is one of the worst states for taxation. In fact, state income tax ranks 49th...well in a position of not being able to compete. So talking about cutting taxes in a state that already has the worst tax rates is not a good thing to say you have accomplished." 

  • "We have to make our state one of the most desirable places to come. To do that, we have to get our tax system changed. To do that, we have to bring our spending down...let's look at the top ten, they all have consumption taxes, but for us to get to a consumption tax, we clearly have to reduce our spending." 

  • "Instead of bringing refugees and illegal immigrants into this state, we should first be protecting our homeless veterans. I've said as your Governor that will be a priority." 

  • "No talk about election reform, even though it's a big issue across this country....we need to make sure that we look at our election system, we have forensic audits on a regular basis, and as your governor I am going to push for a voter ID card."

  • "We have to make sure that life is a priority in our state, and we have to make sure we are protecting the unborn...I will appoint a protector of the unborn in my Administration."

  • "This governor also neglected to talk about the Second Amendment...would you rather have a governor who talks about the Second Amendment, or would you rather have a governor who carries a gun all the time?"

  • "The reason why he had to spend $2.5 billion of your taxpayer money to bring Intel in is because businesses aren't going to come here unless you pay for them to come here. I want to have a state where businesses want to come here because we're growing and prospering and because we have the best tax rates and lower spending and we have a government that gets out of the way and allows businesses to prosper and grow."