The Ohio Republican Party is expected to go against the will of Ohioans by endorsing incumbent Governor Mike DeWine for the 2022 Ohio Gubernatorial Election against the will of Ohio Republican voters.  It’s not the state party’s job to put their hand on the scale to decide who gets preferred treatment.
Republican voters across the state of Ohio have been clamoring for new leadership, especially in the Governor’s Residence in Columbus.  
In the wake of Ohio’s stagnant economy and unfavorable polling results for the Governor’s performance, the Republican Party of Ohio would be doing a great disservice to the voters they claim to represent by again endorsing Mike DeWine and other statewide or Congressional candidates. Let Republican voters decide!
Sign our petition to tell the Ohio Republican Party that you do NOT support the endorsement of Mike DeWine or any other candidate for the 2022 Governor’s Election, let the voters decide!
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