“Defund the police.” “Abolish the police.”

Almost overnight, phrases like these have been thrust to the forefront of the national conscience in light of nationwide protests over George Floyd’s death. While they each might be composed of just three words, if these talking points were to translate into official government policy, the ramifications would be deadly and dangerous.

Despite the prevalence of these unprecedentedly radical charges, an explicit plan as to how these changes would materialize has not been laid out in a clear manner – let alone a convincing one. If the left-wing activists and their Democratic representative counterparts are going to suggest such a fundamental, untested, and frankly dangerous policy proposal, they owe all Americans a clear explanation what the country without a police force would look like, how communities would stay safe, where the reappropriated funds would go, and what would fill the void.

While most of Washington’s radical policies – like socialized medicine of free college tuition for all – often cause politicians to struggle when it comes to making the case as to how and who is going to pay for them, this policy has a comparative advantage of not having to answer that deadly question. Even so, the case for doing away with the police is still nonexistent.

While the left’s incomprehensive and unclear plan of action for how “defunding the police” or “abolishing the police” would translate from slogan to legislation certainly doesn’t warrant a response, the underlying principles are such a grave threat to all Americans that the mindset fueling this existentially dangerous mindset must be dispelled before it can metastasize further.

There’s no logical rationale or justification that could convince anyone – let alone a former Congressman, entrepreneur, husband, and father – that America could offer citizens safety and security. Beyond that, American economic prosperity and confidence would also plummet.

While Black Lives Matter and other far-left organization with a strong anti-police penchant tend to conceive of police officers solely from the work they do in the worst possible context, demonizing all cops as racist and antagonistic towards minority communities, law enforcement agencies across the country work every day on cases that with the intent “to protect and to serve,” all Americans, especially the vulnerable.

In a world without police, what would happen to victims of abduction or kidnapping, especially children? Who would be responsible for fighting for justice for victims of human trafficking by

holding culprits accountable? And what would happen to victims of domestic abuse in times of crisis? Or how about children who participate in programs funded by police departments across the country to teach structure, leadership, and discipline? The list goes on.

These groups and others would be grave collateral damage of this radical agenda. Luckily, President Trump has demonstrated a strong resolve against these asinine proposals.

Rather than defund the police, we ought to ​defend​ the police. If not, America has an ominously lawless future where all citizens are less safe, secure, and prosperous.