Former Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH) says Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine should be “compassionate for Ohioans first” before importing more refugees to his state, as he has decided to do, at the expense of taxpayers.

Earlier this month, Clinton-appointed Judge Peter Messitte granted a preliminary injunction to refugee contractors who sued President Trump for implementing an executive order that allows states and counties to have a say in whether they want refugees resettled in their communities.

Before the injunction, though, DeWine was one of 19 Republican governors who said he would allow the federal government to continue resettling refugees in Ohio — a decision that sparked outrage from Republican voters and activists in multiple red states.

In an exclusive interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Sunday, Renacci said DeWine should be putting the interests of Ohioans first instead of bringing more refugees to the state that will cost taxpayers money.
“The president gave every governor an opportunity to say ‘No’ and that’s the reason [Trump] signed the executive order back in September. But of course, Gov. DeWine made the decision that he’s going to bring more refugees in, in a state that’s really struggling right now with business and jobs,” Renacci said. “I’m not really sure why he’s doing it, I know it’s not something the Republican Party wants to see, or I should say Republicans, because we did have the chairwoman of the [Ohio] Republican Party [Jane Timken] come out and support his decision.”

“I love what Governor [Greg] Abbott [of Texas] said … he said it’s about ‘Texas first’ and in Ohio, it should be about ‘Ohio first’ and that’s not what we’ve seen with this current governor and with the [Republican] chairwoman coming out in support as well,” Renacci continued.