Renacci Review: Jim Launches First U.S. Senate TV Ad: Fight for Ohio

Good afternoon,

While I’ve been busy voting for Ohio’s best interests in Washington, our team’s been all over the state listening to real Ohioans on how we can make Ohio first.

Here are some of our highlights:

I’m excited to share that today I released my first television ad in the Ohio U.S. Senate race, titled “Fight for Ohio.” It will be airing on cable and broadcast networks throughout the state.

I’m glad to report that a new poll by Politico finds the General Election virtually tied! That’s great news for our campaign as I’ve only been in the Senate race for a short 3 MONTHS compared to Brown’s nearly 12 lengthy years in office. Even Brown has started using this poll in his fundraising emails, proving that this is too close for the liberal Senator’s comfort.​

But it doesn’t end there! Just this week, I proudly earned endorsements from the NRA​, the Warren County Right to Life,​ and the Strongsville GOP. I’m the only conservative in the race who can win, and it’s not surprising that our campaign continues to build momentum in all corners of the state as we move closer to the May 8th Primary.

​On Monday alone, I was a guest on Morning Joe, Fox ​News​, and Stuart Varney & Co. to discuss topics ​like repealing Obamacare and modernizing the IRS​.​

Yard signs are IN! If you would like a yard sign or to volunteer on the campaign, please click here.

Early voting has begun! Be sure to cast your vote between now and May 8th!

Tomorrow, our team will be working hard making calls and going door-to-door with the Ohio Republican Party to push for and support strong conservative candidates across our state!

We continue to travel throughout the state, meeting fellow Ohioans who are passionate about improving our leadership. If you would like to join our team, please sign-up here.

I’d be honored to serve as your next United States Senator and appreciate your support in this vital fight for Ohio’s future.

God Bless,

Jim Renacci

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