Jim Renacci Slams DeWine For Ohio Population Decline: ‘Governing Ohio Like A Blue-State Liberal.


Wadsworth, OH - According to an alarming new annual report, Ohio ranked ninth in the U.S. for most outbound movers in 2021 and saw a net population loss, joining deep blue states like New York, Illinois and California. This news comes as Ohio small businesses report the labor shortage is already hurting their ability to grow. Last month, the Tax Foundation found that Ohio is the worst state in the region to create jobs and businesses, but Mike DeWine has done nothing to fix it. Instead, he continues to prop up the bloated and inefficient JobsOhio bureaucracy that has done nothing to put Ohio on a path to prosperity while killing hundreds of thousands of jobs thanks to his Fauci-inspired COVID lockdowns.

Jim Renacci issued the following statement in response:

"This alarming new data confirms that Mike DeWine is governing Ohio like a blue-state liberal. People should be flocking to Ohio to start a business or raise a family. Instead, they're fleeing Ohio for opportunities in other Republican-led states like Florida or South Dakota. Ohio already ranks as the worst state in the region to create jobs and businesses, but DeWine has done nothing to fix it. In fact, his aggressive, job-killing COVID lockdowns made it worse. As Governor, I will make Ohio competitive again and make our state's business and tax climate one of the best in the nation. I am confident Ohio's best days are ahead of us, but that starts with retiring Mike DeWine and pursuing a true conservative agenda."